Good or bad, we all have the right to know.

 Lives change daily, Good or bad.

We all think where do we go from here?

what can we do? but all we can do as of now

is sit back and let the media take control.

What is going on, why are they lying to us, to

the so called free world? Dont we have the

right to know what or who we have become?

I would definitely like to! We become anti-social

even though there is Facebook, or Twitter.

Shouldnt there be something done in the end?

We have the right to KNOW!


-Nicole Hutanu

  1. Thanks for doing the post, but I can’t tell from reading it whether or not you read the required text. Maybe you did. Just a few references would help.

  2. I did read the text. Maybe I was a little confused.

  3. Anonymous said:

    I think you guys have a good starting but in order to get more people to believe your campaign maybe you can add more sources that support your ideas. This will make it more factual and believable to your audience. The more outside sources which are reliable the better.
    Also, I know plenty of parents who are trying to lead a healthier lifestyle so maybe you can look into the older age group as well.

  4. I really like the the topic you guys chose for this project. I think that if you bring celebrities into your campaign and some who are extreme examples of this would really strengthen your argument of how everything is perceived so differently due to the media nowadays.

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