Society has a very big impact on peoples lifestyles. Frankie Mae, Frederick Douglass and Jose Yglesius        all had very harsh lifestyles because of society. Franke Mae was the daughter of an African American slave and was broken hearted by not being able to follow her dream of getting educated. She acted older than she was and took good care of her siblings while her parents were working on the plantation. Frankie had given up on her life when she realized that an educated black had no power, and ended up dying at an early age before completing fourth grade. Frankie had no inspiration to live but if she had lived in a different time period she probably would have been able to succeed and fulfill her dream.

Frederick Douglass had a troublesome life because of being a slave as well. In the beginning, his masters treated him more like a son than a slave and even taught him to read. Later on his masters treated him poorly because they knew only whites had the right to be educated. Unlike Frankie, Frederick still never gave up on reading and continued to read by himself in secret. Even though he was cheated out of his liberties he didn’t let the ignorance of others change the way he felt about reading.

Jose Yglesius like Frederick Douglass stood up for what he believed in. He was in a group of underprivileged people who rolled hand made cigars for very low wages because of his economic status. Even though these people were of low status, they had an appreciation for literature. It was interesting to read about how the reciting of literature made the their work less tedious and how they refused to let an oppressor get in their way.

-Sari Ades (080)


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  1. Missing your current day example.. Also, was Frankie Mae only broken hearted due to not being able to attend school? I think there’s more to it than that…

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