Digital Divide is NOT the end.

Frankie Mae has come to realize the oppression she lives under after she has been rudely put down by her “superior” boss-man (pg20). Frankie Mae had tried her best to obtain an education and put it to use. She was ambitious, determined, and had a great sense of priorities, and in just one moment, all of that was erased. She became discouraged and saw no point in pursuing an education if she was going to be wrong anyway.
On the contrary, Frederick Douglass and Jose Yglesias did not let one instant completely erase what they strived for since the beginning. Frederick Douglass’s encounter with the realization of the oppression he lived under did scar him, but it did not put out his fire to fight.  The moment his master explained to his wife why slaves should not be granted education and how it was illegal was the moment Frederick heard aloud what sort of world he lived in. His response to that though was, “The very determination which he expressed to keep me in ignorance only rendered me the more resolute to seek intelligence”. Frederick Douglass was a strong man to never give up. Jose Yglesias was a strong enough of a man to realize that he did live under oppression from the start without him having any formal education (pg79). However that did not stop him from going on strike when he felt it was necessary.

          In contemporary society more and more people are looking toward the stories of Fredrick Douglass and finding the inspiration within them to pursue their dreams despite of the obstacles they face on an individual and communal level. Fredrick Douglass surely did not have all the media tools at hand when he rebelled against the norm and yet he found a way to make change for himself anyway. But today we have a lot more, and with these tools we should have no excuse. Even though media tools make it easier today, it is definitely not impossible without them.

The Digital Divide has become a popular term in our time however some argue that it doesn’t truly exists. Access to all of the modern day media tools are often provided for one to use in public facilities such as school, libraries and hey, even some McDonald’s offer you free Wi-Fi connection. If you think about it, the internet is used to even help the people who do not have access to it. For example, you constantly see fund raising sites advertising for donation in order to help a child who needs a computer for education in a third world country. And in reality, most people living in a third world country have more important things to worry about or even different priorities that make wanting or needing a computer or internet very far down on their list of things to do. A computer, internet and social media are surely a fast and easy way to get a message across, to learn, or to make change. But you are only reaching the people who have the same sources as you as well. So others ways are surely still effective. In our history, we overcame slavery without a single computer. Not having a computer did not effect that magnificent change. So today we should be able to accomplish way more with a publicly available computer or without a computer.
What Digital Divide?
The Real Digital Divide
An example of how the internet has changed modern group dynamic & why you don’t need to.


  1. But is access to technology today for those who “have more important things to worry about or even different priorities that make wanting or needing a computer or internet very far down on their list of things to do.” possibly an equivalent to Jose Yglesias having equal access to information through the lectores?

    • gbelpat said:

      That is a good point. However it does not compare to Jose Yglesias exactly. It’s not like they were once able to have 100% internet access and all of a sudden it was taken away from them for some reason that limits there rights. The picture is more broad and complicated when explaining why they do not have internet access. I guess you can say it is because the way resources are allocated.

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