Media in the Changing World

In past societies and in present societies today, opression heavily exsists with certain groups of people. With Frankie Mae, Frederick Douglass, and Jose Yglesiais they all come to the realization of their oppression through different situations. Frankie Mae growing up as an African American girl growing up in “White Plantation” had a good sense of her oppression with the daily things she saw her father deal with, especially with Mr.White Junior. When Frankie Mae tried to stand up for her father and prove Mr.White Junior wrong when he was doing payroll, made her come to the realization that she was not equal, that her and her family faced oppression in the society. The way she came about noting her and her family’s oppression deflating her from doing what she wanted in life. She was a very emotional, but smart person who wanted to attend school. The mixture of emoions, not being able to go to school, and other obstacles her family came into contact with when dealing with Mr. White Junior caused her to become very depressed. This eventually lead to her early death. In contrary in the way that Frankie Mae came to the realization of her oppression, both Frederick Douglass and Jose Yglesias did not let anything get in the way of them completing the goals they had set for their lives. Although Frederick Douglass was harshly put down to not learn how to read for being a slave, he continued and did not give up. Master Hugh tried to do everything in his power to convince him slaves were not born to be smart and gain knowledge, Frederick Douglass pursued on and completed what he wanted to do, and that was reading and writing. In the case of Jose Yglesias working in a cigar factory being put down with all the other cigarmakers, stood up for themselves when they felt they were being treated wrong. Even though the thought of striking meant they would not recieve pay they still would strike to try to get their points across to those that they worked for. Though these cases are all similiar, they each discuss and individual dealing and facing being oppressed.

There are many parallels in todays society to those of the stories of Frankie Mae, Frederick Douglass, and Jose Yglegias. In todays world the stories that these individuals have reported, provide a type of inspiration for others. Either they inspire people to stop current oppression of certain people or it gives them the courage to talk about the oppressions they have gone through. The experiences of another person heavily influence others who can relate to their stories or find interests in them, as many topics and experiences people have in this present day relate to many as well.


As the world contiues to grow digitally, some people in the world are brought closer while others may be left behind. In the United States we technogically continue to grow and expand as country, in other countries as well, but it is very hard for certain groups of people to obtain thesetechnologies to connect to the world. The lack of access people have, especially those who live in third world countries, such as in places in Africa or South America, very rarely do these people connect to the globe via computers or internet connection. This “Digital Divide” worldwide separates the world and gives certain countries advantages over others. If were begin to connect more in the digital and media world, it will enable us to work towards a more unified world.

Digital Divide Statistics

– Jaida Samuels (008)

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  1. Quoting you, “In todays world the stories that these individuals have reported, provide a type of inspiration for others.” Excellent point hardly anyone here has made. So not only is access to the words of others important, but the words of these oppressed are very important. Well said.

    I also really enjoyed your source about the digital divide. Nice job of finding actual statistical information. Hard to report in a biased way when looking in the face of these hard facts.

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