When Frederick Douglass realized how a man can be free from his chains and was never supposed to be a slave he knew what he had to do. Douglass was taught how to read and write from his master’s wife. She treated Douglas like a son and was proud to see him learn so fast it was until Douglas’s master saw what he was doing and figure he had to stop her from teaching him any further. Douglas went on to realize how oppressed he was when he realized how education can make a difference in a man’s life. Frankie Mae shows the relationship of an African American father and daughter during slavery times. Frankie Mae was the apple of her father’s eyes. Frankie Mae always acted older than her age because she had to take care of her siblings while her parents went to work on the plantation. Although Frankie had to put her siblings and her family needs in front of her own, she dreamed of going to school and learning, even though she was already two years behind. One day her dad came home with the news telling her that she will have to start working in the plantation soon. Knowing this she did what she had to do, the plantation owner cheated them of their money and Frankie couldnt take it anymore, she soon died after giving birth to her fifth child. It goes to show all Frankie wanted to was to go to school and have an education but that dream never made it through she realized she was oppressed when she knew she became powerless, after her death her father revolted with the other plantation workers. Jose yglesias was one of the cigar makers who would work long hours under the sun and make cigars, they had “lectors” which would sit and read them literature but there owners soon took that privelage away and they fought to get them back. This shows how literature can make an impact in someones life whether or not they know how to read or write.

With these three pieces of literature in education and the gift of reading and writing can open ones mind to new things in life. It opens up a pathway to any various different prespectives, ideas, and thoughts that can flourish. In todays world we use cell phones, ipads, pda, laptops, television, the inter net and other forms of electronic media to communicate and learn about todays world. Now if we didn’t have access to these types of sources we wouldnt be able to share any type of information to the world and each other.. everyone would be secluded in their closed minds and their wouldnt be any progress made. Those three pieces of literature show how much education is a kew to realized one self, this is present in todays culture as getting an education and learning to read and write can make a significant differnence in one’s life

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  1. Quoting you, “everyone would be secluded in their closed minds and their wouldnt be any progress made.” Yes, it’s hard to imagine a world without print and other means of communication for me. I can say I actually don’t think I can even imagine it. Maybe a good thing to discuss in class. I’d be curious what others think this might be like.

    (you’re missing an actual link to an outside source. Nice job otherwise.)

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