I believe that this picture represent paradigm. The reason why is because the quotes under the picture gave me little hints that helped me come to that conclusion.  In addition if you look really closely at the picture you are able to see a shift from a young woman to an old lady woman and vice versa. The word paradigm is defined as something that serves a pattern or model and the image was able to depict that with the shifting from a young woman to an old woman.

   Rohene D

  1. Really a great guess! I’m not sure I would have been able to figure this one out. Paradigm is a very hard concept to understand, much less visualize, but this really does fit the bill nicely, especially in terms of “shift”. I bet you’re right. And a super great image for Paradigm if so!

    • rohened said:

      Thank you professor kelly. I hope my guess is correct also.

  2. Yes Ro! You’re right, I tried to find a picture that was just as striking as the word paradigm is. I’m glad you figured it out, and I’m also happy that i figured yours it was kind of difficult but after some research I knew I couldn’t get it wrong.

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