A Race We Are Not Fit to Lose

Technological Determinism:

In this photo the Chinese Panda is running on a treadmill, not to stay in physical shape but to keep up with industrialization. Buildings and factories are seen through the window and in order to compete with the U.S., China must also improve and expand on their current technology. As competition increases we must take steps to validate ourselves as worthy competitors. A society’s technology helps drive social change, particularly with employment.

-Alverneq Lindsay

  1. thkoo said:

    Good guess!~ I didn’t even think about that. But this picture is actually world market economy because China was once closed to the global economy. However they opened up a few decades ago and now has one of the top three largest economies in the world. “

    • thkoo said:

      So it represents how the world is becoming more and more interrelated!

  2. ALindsa said:

    Me to myself: “Duh Alverneq!”
    I don’t even remember seeing that word when I looked at the list. Makes total sense now.

  3. Excellent work all around. Alverneq’s guess seems as viable as the original keyword Tina was looking to illustrate.

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