“…I thought we were an autonomous collective…”

This picture represents feudalism in which there were a handful of wealthy elites and aristocrats who exploited the large peasant population. Feudalism was a social, economic, and cultural system. It was an agricultural society that relied on the labor of peasants. In feudal societies, peasants, who were illiterate, often blamed their poverty on God because the Church contended that inequality was God-ordained.  They believed that high social status and wealth were signs of God’s favor and did not question the status-quo.

Here is a funny scene from the “Holy Grail” that humorously illustrates peasant life in Feudalism: 


-Tae Hee Koo

  1. ALindsa said:

    I did look at this picture after and felt it was a little deceiving because it does represent feudalism but our word was “Merchant Capitalism”. Prior to the industrial revolution many landowners and farmers worked exceptionally hard to harvest their land just to have it ripped away from them by wealthy landowners. The peasants who held up the economy did not reap the benefits of the land they toiled. Funny thing is I would have though the word was “feudalism” too.

  2. Yes, I think it represents feudalism better than merchant capitalism as well. But merchant capitalism, while more egalitarian than feudalism prior to it, still had it’s hierarchy, so the picture can still work for either. Nice work here. Love the video. I may show it in class!

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