I think this image represents Lilith. Lilith considers herself equal with Adam and refuses to be below him. The picture shows a council of some sort attended completely by males. The women form their own council next to the men’s council . The women seem to have their own leader who I feel is Lilith. The women created their own council to rival the men’s. In the bottom of the image there is even a fallen male which shows female superiority.

                                   – Vanessa Lopez

  1. jaysams said:

    Very nicely supported guess. The word was “Inquistion, Council of Trent”.

  2. I like Vanessa’s response. I know that this painting comes up when I do a google search for “Council of Trent” but it really didn’t translate to “Inquistion, Council of Trent” for me either. I picture heretics burning at the stake, but maybe that’s just me…

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