Access and Interpretation

This picture, in my opinion, is a reflection of “access and interpretation”. The book on the left is the Qu’ran, and the book on the right is the Bible. It is interesting to not that these books are both the same width, size, and thickness. It seems as these books are “butting heads” with each other.

The way this represents access and interpretation is that today, these two books are highly accessible. Anyone with money, or with no money, can get access to the books. The difference between these two books are their interpretation. Each book claim’s to be the verbatim words of God. Not only does religion interpret God’s words differently, but the reader also make their own interpretation as well. People interpret their readings in a way which reflects their circumstance.


  1. mkum said:

    That’s a good guess and valid explanation but the picture actually represents Menocchio because he had read both the Quran and the Bible. Also, the Bible was important in Menocchio’s life as he had reinterpreted it with reading groups and believed that since the Bible was written in Latin, it kept people ignorant.

  2. Nice work! Great research into Menocchio. I can see Abe’s guess as valid as well. That was a tough one.

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