Distant to Near


I think the video above represents distant, remote—>near, accessible because the people walking are distant but are getting closer camera/videographer. However,  the focus changes and a crawling caterpillar appears which is more accessible than the people.

-Monika Kumar

  1. The correct key word is “indecipherable vs. vernacular”. The reason why I chose this mini-clip, was because many people choose to benrrow-minded’ The only focus on what is obvious. But if for one moment, you can take a step back and pay attention, you can see what the picture is truly about. This post would not be interesting if it wasn’t for the catepillar. That insect is what made the video worth watching. It is the “bigger picture”.

    I do understand why you chose the key word you did however. Distant and near can pass as a great key word.

    • mkum said:

      Oh wow, that makes more sense. I had actually considered that at first!

  2. Excellent work from both of you here! Lovely video, and what a poetic way to approach the key word “indecipherable vs. vernacular”. And yes, “distant – near” seems appropriate as well.

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