Life made easier!

Mass production of goods was extremely helpful to society’s development. With the use of the assembly line which is depicted above, more products were made quickly and efficiently. The assembly line would send partially completed products to workers who each worked on one part of the product instead of having to complete the entire product themselves. For example, instead of hand written books, “life was made easier” by the help up machines such as the printing press, which made produced many books at a short period of time.  The results of mass production not only sped up the process but factory owners were now able to sell their products at a lower cost yet still make a profit.

– Della Mizrahi

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  1. linkez7 said:

    My term was mass production, so you are correct! Mass production, the assembly line, and interchangeable parts all helped standardize the printing of books. What used to be an artisan craft became a uniform text. Mass production also helped spread the written word and required much less time to produce then someone writing at a scriptorium.

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