Stereotyping Society

These pictures convey gender clichés. Gender clichés have played a significant role in media. Women are often depicted as objects, and just desired for their looks. In media, we’ve seen how the phrase “sex sells” is factual, with half-naked woman displayed on advertisements for things from cigarettes to automobiles. The photo above shows a very pretty woman dressed in white, but surrounded by red furniture. It’s a representation of the so-called “perfect” woman, as seen by society’s standard. It seems it’s recreating the very famous painting of Venus, which further emphasizes the woman’s desirability and angelic nature.

-Nour Saudi

  1. gbelpat said:

    My word was Lilith. I think I over thought my image a little too much. I was hoping that the first picture would represent Lilith’s struggle with Adam as the first female. In class Lilith was portrayed as a demon, but in further research she is also viewed as demon goddess, a sexually powerful woman, who just fought for equal rights. That is how I tried to portray her as. I chose some other images such as a missionary position sketch, and a popular “We Can Do It” feminist poster as further hints if needed. I also chose a dark female demon image, but I figured that was a little too straight forward so I sent these instead. I didn’t realize that these images would clash with gender clichés so perfectly. Good guess!

  2. nsaudi said:

    Now knowing that it was Lilith, this makes perfect sense! I actually love that you used the gender clashing symbols to represent Lilith and Adam’s struggles, that’s interesting. I think this goes to show you how connected all of these key words really are 🙂
    -Nour Saudi

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