This image to me depicts agricultural capitalism because of the showing of cattle and farm animals and that being the way of life and source of income in certain places for quite a long time now.  The private ownership of farms and land to be self sufficient is the idea but as time has gone on changes threaten this type of lifestyle.  It was the way of life for many but as time goes on changes are coming.  It is a way of life for those who wish to be their own master and commander.

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  1. Also remember that in essence, the sheep put the peasants off the land and therefore off of their livelihood. So yes, while it was a new way for some to “be their own master and commander” many others were forced into thieving and city life. Sheep’s wool made fabrics allowed the landowners to increase their wealth, but the land could no longer produce food for humans to survive… which lead to the need for sugar plantations overseas in the new world, worked by slaves from Africa, leading to a “global economy.”

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