This image is of Technological Determinism. This theory states, in a nutshell, that a society’s cultural values and social structure depends on the advancement of that society’s technology. Personally I don’t believe this to be completely true, while technology has a huge impact on society and helps society advance it does not mean technology controls all of our cultural values as this theory seems to suggest. I think cultural values come from many other sources such as religion, music, art, etc. but technology simply makes these things easier to access.

Hector (008)

  1. This also reminds me of the picture Ewen showed us on Monday of the stereotyped image of a child dying in Africa. Bringing in preconceived notions of “progress” doesn’t always equal a better life.

    • I agree, some people believe and promote the idea that every country should be like the US, or in some other specific way, in order for it to develop and grow the “right” way.

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