Daily Jeans

In the 1850’s jeans were worn by the “hard- laboring people” and were “the signature of deprivation and sweat. During this time, one would not wear denim if they were wealthy. From the 20th century to now jeans have evolved into being owned not only by the working class but also by the wealthier people. They serve as an “escape from the regiment of the market place” and seen as an attire fit for “casual comfort”.

Personally, all my life I have agreed with the fact that denim clothing gives you casual comfort. From looking at old pictures of myself, I am always wearing some sort of denim clothing. When I was a toddler, you can find me playing in the backyard with jeans shorts. All through elementary, middle school, it was my everyday style to throw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt unless it was a special occasion. With that said, denim is not something I would wear if I wanted to be really fancy.  For instance, if it was my birthday and I had to go to school I would probably wear a dress instead of jeans.  Throughout high school, when I started paying more attention to what I wore. Jeans allowed me to be dressy casual. I would wear jeans and a cute top to be more stylish than I was but still fully covered and comfortable. Now that I have started college, in my view, wearing jeans tells a whole different story. For example, I wear jeans to school if I don’t have to go to work that day. So, if someone were to really observe me they could probably assume things about me and my life. In my lifetime, jeans mainly pertained to ones lifestyle and style in general.



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