The Chaning Stages of Jeans

As I think back to the days when I was a little girl, jeans have always been a part of my wardrobe. However the brand, size and amount of pair’s jeans I owned at the age of eight did not matter to me. However as time went on and I graduate from middle school to junior high school that all started to change. I realize that I started to buy more fitted jeans rather than loose and baggy jeans.  The amount of money I paid for my jeans also started to increase as I went from junior high school to high school. I become more aware of the fashion world and what was in style as the season changed. The brand and style of your jean in today society tells people something about you. In the 1960’s jeans were not looked upon like that. Also in junior high school and high school in today’s society the brand of a person jean can get them from unpopular to popular. In today society the popular kids are known to wear the most expensive clothing and most up to date on what is in fashion. Therefore the brand and style of your jeans can make a difference on how your peers view you.

Little Girl                                               




Young Adult


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