It’s In Our Jeans

Over the past few centuries the meaning behind wearing jeans in our American culture has immensely evolved overtime. From the wearing of jeans being strictly for those who were laborers, “these were the clothes of hard laboring people. Loose and ill-fitting…” to jeans being worn by those of all classes of culture. Jeans were worn by those who were laborers, those facing social struggle, and then finally they became seen as an article of clothing to be worn by all because it was a casual source of comfort.  Jeans were looked down upon and really were not considered something the wealthy or those of a higher class would wear.

The meaning behind the wearing of jeans in my life has also evolved over time as it did historically. Usually worn because they were just easy to pair with a shirt or sweatshirt during my time of being in elementary school and middle school, quickly changed over to an article of clothing only worn while working or when I was not in high school. I wore uniforms in my high school and wearing jeans on a daily basis there was just never a thought. Throwing on a pair after school or before I headed to work I felt was a great treat. I feel more relaxed and casual in jeans, rather than conformed and uptight with wearing my uniform. In my current years of college today, I wear jeans almost every day, merely for the fact that they are more convenient to throw on and head to class.  Just as the meaning of jeans evolved in our culture, they also evolved in the way I wore them in my personal life.


– Jaida Samuels


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