Dress to impress

As we have discussed in previous classes, they way one dresses says a lot about ones style and individuality. In Ewen’s piece The Ends Justify the Jeans, Jeans were worn by mostly peasants and working class people on oppose to the wealthy. In our society today, jeans are worn by all. Almost all jeans look the same except some are more fitted than others and there are color denims as well.  I view jeans as an equalizer because everyone wears jeans; no matter if it is a brand name or not. Even if it is a brand name, the logo is on the button or somewhere unnoticeable. Today, jeans can be  used casually but can be worn out to a fancy restaurant paired with a cute top unlike in the past where most women had to wear corsets and fancy dresses to each event.

Growing up in a religious home and attending an Orthodox elementary school and high school, I was not allowed to wear pants because it is not ‘modest’ for a women to dress this way. This way of thinking resembles the past where pants were viewed as a man attire only. Now, on aside from those who are observant, women wear pants/jeans comfortably without being judged as “unfeminine”



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