History of My Jeans

Over many decades now, jeans have become a big statement in fashion. During the 1970’s until the 90’s people enjoyed wearing the baggy style of jeans until now. Now a days people have showed the interest in colored skinny, boot cut jeans. As I look back to the way my jeans were when I was little until now it is pretty shocking. I never thought of looking back to the way I dressed until I was asked to write about it. I started off wearing the overall jeans with flower patterns on them. Back then I liked it but if I were to wear them now, its a big no no. Why? Because it is no longer in style, and I don’t usually like to make myself observed. In junior high and high school I became more interested in reading and buying more magazines to see the different styles. Sometimes now I still buy and wear what I used to like even though I’m growing up to wear more sophisticated suit pants and colored skinny jeans. But during high school years I loved the Brazilian jeans without pockets, they made my legs look longer and they were so comfortable like sweats in a way because many were made to stretch to the shape of the body.

So as you can see after decades of different styles of jeans, different people wear different jeans according to the year and fashion. My style went from cheap GAP overalls to Colored skinny jeans that cost a lot more then I can sometimes afford but the good thing about it is that I can wear them anytime to different occasions. History of jeans shows a lot throughout the way our parents used to dress in pictures until now with the way we dress. My Question is how how jeans will be in 10 more years from now?


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