What kinda janes are those?

After reading Ewen’s “The Ends Justify the Jeans,” I realized that time has definitely taken its toll on who wears jeans. In Ewen’s article he says jeans “were the clothes of hard-laboring people. They were loose and ill fitting and mass produced for men separated from their homes.” It just amazes me how denim was specifically worn by a certain type of people back in the days. But as time passes, different people come along with different means of thinking. I believe time equals change.

Today all types of people wear jeans from a homeless person to a college student to a person making millions. In Ewens article only the labor working people wore jeans. Today everyone wears jeans but different brands. Jeans can range from a $40 pair of Levis to a $250 and up pair of 7 For All Mankind, Rock and Republic or True Religion jeans. So the brand you wear defines who you are and only you define who you are.

As i grew up i noticed that my wardrobe has drastically changed, especially now that i think about it after reading this article, my choice of jeans has drastically changed. In high school and junior high school i didn’t really care for the kind of jeans i owned. They were “loose and ill-fitting” and would be stuck in my sneakers as i would walk. As i grew up i decided to buy more expensive jeans like 7 For All Mankind, Buffalo Bitton, True Religions, and Armani Exchange. These jeans were much more fitted and adjusted to my height. Things just change as one grows up. People go thru different phases, changing their style as well. You only live once and i dress to impress with fine threads. Winning best dressed in Highschool i just had to go out and buy myself some nice pair of jeans that not everyone owns like a pair of Levis, Calvin Klein or DKNY. I absolutely love jeans not only because their comfortable and can be worn almost anywhere except to some formal occasions, but also because they look super sexy on a woman with the right assets.

Expensive JANES


Faizan Mahmood (008)

  1. ALindsa said:

    Faizan, I can surely see how the price and style of your jeans became an important factor in your social image. You talk about changing the way your jeans fit as you went to Highschool which i’m assuming was to keep up with the constantly changing fashion. Do you think it is easier for a female when dealing with the changes in fashion trends? Image is clearly important to you and you seem to take great pride in the way you present yourself. Make sure you continue to wear your clothes, don’t let them wear you.

    Alverneq Lindsay (008)

  2. im not really familar with the female going through phases in fashion trends. i dont really think girls go through different kind of fashions phases because ladies can wear alot more than just jeans. girls can look cute in anything as long as they know how to wear it. but i do know that a guy wearing super skinny jeans is ridiculous and makes him look like homosexual. thats one thing i can tell from a persons preference of jeans. i cant really tell alot from a girls preference of jeans.

  3. nsaudi said:

    Faizan, I think it’s really interesting that you talk about using jeans as a way to express yourself. There is definitely a sort of fashion hierarchy when it comes to jeans, and you can tell what jeans are popular just by the stitching or brand. So there is definitely that struggle to keep up with the latest fashion trends. What makes me a bit uncomfortable is the phrase you used, “right assets,” which seems to suggest there is a standard of beauty that women must meet to be socially desirable or acceptable. Even the photo you used, it reminds me of a lot of advertisements we saw in lecture, with the half-naked women smoking cigarettes. It seems to suggest the idea that women are just objects to be lusted after. I think it’s too simple to reduce jeans for women to how good they look in them.

    -Nour Saudi (008)

  4. I agree with Nour completely. I also worry about deciding that there’s a “ridiculous” quality to any functional piece of clothing, and conflating that negativity to homosexuality only adds to the problem. As Alverneq’s said, “don’t let the ‘clothes’ wear you.” It’s important to see that clothes are simply surface; they do not stand in for the person wearing them.

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