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     The Ends Justify the Jeans creates a clear depiction of what exactly jeans use to mean for the masses. Today, the thought of jeans as a way of feminist rebellion and labor have faded, but many things have remained the same. Jeans will always be a connecting thread between people. Jeans have grown to define us as who we are and what our interests are. For example, skaters became most popularly known for wearing skinny jeans, a cut of jeans that went out of style during my childhood years and came back strong. It is said “history repeats itself” and jeans are a clear indication of this. Capitalism has brought us a host of options due to competition; skinny, boot-cut, wide leg, high rise, low rise, ripped, and the list goes on. Jeans can speak loudly about what type of person the wearer is perceived to be. The wearing of jeans has a taken a much more superficial turn.Jeans define not only our style but our economic standing as well. Though jeans can bring us together the difference in personal taste can tear us apart.

Attractiveness is valued highly in America, it is said that attractive people are more likely to be treated kindly and I’ve been witness to that. Walking down West 4th street in Manhattan I see a young girl walking towards me with a short leather coat and a thin shawl protecting her face and hair from the moist, frizz educing air. Though her face cannot be seen each man’s head whips around like a conveyor belt to feast eyes on the voluptuous curves of a woman whose face is unseen. She walks towards a bar door and much effort is given by another man to open the door before she reaches her destination. For women especially, the implication is given that we must possess sex appeal. Jeans have become a way of doing just that to please the Sir Mix a lot’s who “like big-butts and cannot lie.” Baggy jeans were at one time a statement for young men and women alike due to celebrity influence. Female rappers were spreading the message of female empowerment, but as the tides change so have our denim uniforms. Masculinity and femininity are clearly defined by the way our jeans are made and fit our bodies.The hundreds of cuts and styles of jeans we find in every store under various names allow us to reach our personal ideal of attractiveness. It seems as though more effort is put into trying to define ourselves based on style of denim rather than our actions.


Alverneq Lindsay

  1. I deffinetly agree with your idea of jeans defining our ecomomic standing since there is such a huge variation of price on jeans nowadays. With so many styles out there and you only stated less than half of them, there is a jean for everyone out there on the face of this planet. You just need that sex appeal and know how to rock the jeans.

  2. rezw5975 said:

    This post is definetly sticks to the points and agrees with my post as well. Jeans are represented by the public and how they wear it. Its very common now adays for the mass public to be wearing jeans and some wear jeans as a style others just wear it to cover there bottom. Its all based on how you perceive it as

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