How to teach your kids to eat right

I have two kids who are G5, and G7. I concerned about their heath everyday. I always wonder if they have enough nutrition or not, and I also wonder if I give them high-colories foods or not. In the town, there are lot of fast food shops where kids like. When we go out for shopping, it’s so easy for me to eat out, and kids are also happy to eat at fast food shop. However, I know it’s not good for health of kids, so I always realize I should stop to go there, and I have to teach my kids to eat right way.

In my country, Japan, every public schools have some dietitian. Their job is to calculate the lunch calories and make the school lunch menus with the heathy foods  everyday. We,  parents, get the menu once a week, and can check what kids eat, and how much calories they have everyday at school. Even parents have some chance to eat and check what they are eating at school in the school curriculum once a term. In this country, I don’t see the system I can check. So it’s all depend on the kids and parents. I strongly believe the kids are taught what is good foods for health or bad by adults. They have to learn and protect their health by themselves for their future.

Haruyo Morikuni


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