A Pitch Not to be Missed

At Hunter College, it isn’t uncommon to see tables and stands set up for the purpose of condemning Israel for crimes of humanity against Palestinians. I have a unique sensitivity towards that particular topic. Israel is the country of my birth, the homeland of my people, and a region plagued with conflict and contempt. The stands at Hunter College, and very likely in universities across the world, have denounced this country of mine as a human rights offender, a barbarous conqueror, and a twisted devil of an oppressor. Quite frankly, Jews have a habit of keeping silent for too long until it is too late. After 1945 we swore that we would never let our name as a people be libeled again. Never again, we told the world, and that is what i am here to tell you.

The “official” story so to speak, is that Israel has committed heinous crimes against Palestinians. While it can in no way be denied that the Palestinian population is in a desolate state, it can certainly  in no way shape or form be blamed on the Israelis. As educated and skeptical readers, I beg of you to examine the policies of Yasser Arafat, an Arab leader who put his wife up in a Paris hotel while his own people starved. I beg you to look at Israel’s recent history, where a unilateral pullout of Gaza was enacted, and relinquished to Palestinians. This was only to be rewarded with militant activities, terror attacks on civilians, and destruction of infrastructure. It is also an indisputable fact that the PLO was formed in 1964, well before there were any “occupied territories.” The question begs to be asked: what is it that the PLO wanted then?


It is time to stop pointing fingers at the wrong people. There is Joseph Kony, there was Hitler, there was Stalin. These are true human rights offenders. In framing this issue as it deserves to be framed (with hard, cold evidence) I hope to reverse a stark perversion of the truth. Israel is no oppressor, and certainly has not set the standard for mistreatment in the Middle East. I can certainly name a few countries that have done far worse. By examining history, I will present the facts, and the truth will be there for those who have the courage to see it. Only through understanding, rather than emotional appeal and good PR, can the conflict in the Middle East  be resolved.

  1. I’m just curious but do you actually know anything about the situation or are you speaking from an emotional point of view?

  2. Let me begin by saying that my ancestry is Arab; I am a Jewish Arab. My family lived side by side with Arabs in Aleppo, Cairo and Beruit for over 3,500 years. Our cultures intertwined and formed a most beautiful mosaic of interaction and mutual trust and respect. This all came to halt in the riots of 1948 when Arab mobs tore through Jewish neighborhoods, looting, burning and killing. There were decent people who helped Jews and Jews continued to live in until as recently as 1980. Arab culture however is part of my everyday life in the foods I eat, my family’s customs and our language.

    Israel has Arab citizens who vote and have equal rights. What Arab nation affords its Jewish population the same rights? Oh, I forgot, they were tossed out, penniless and tortured. What of the 900,000 Jewish Arabs who were forcefully ejected from their homes?

    Further, as Newt Gingrich remarked, Is there really such a thing as a “Palestinian” nation? There are people who lived in what is today Jordan and Israel, but not a “people” with a unique national aspiration, language, economy, culture or shared history. The Arab world was mostly ruled by the Ottoman Turks for the better part of 500 years. Jews, Muslims and Christians lived together under Ottoman rule. After WWI the world changed. The British and French carved up the Levant into unnatural countries which they awarded to people who helped them in their war effort against the Turkish empire. The prime example is of course the “Hashemite Kingdom” of Jordan. It is an artificial monarchy created by the British to reward Arabs who were originally from the Hejaz region of the Arabian peninsula. The only real “Nation” with any kind of history in the region is perhaps the Egyptians. The Syrian, Lebanese, Iraqis, Jordanians, and yes – the Palestinians are a twentieth century creation. Arab nationalism was answered by a line of successive cruel dictators.

    The P.L.O. was formed in 1964, well before the 1967 war. What did the “Palestinians” want then? The so called “Occupied” territories were in the hands of Jordan and Egypt. Why did these Arab countries not lift a finger to help the refugees? Oh, let’s recall, the refugees became refugees when they fled at the behest of the Mufti of Jerusalem as he asked them to leave as he and his armies were to slaughter the Jews in 1948. Too bad for the Mufti that his plans did not come to fruition. Instead these displaced peoples ended up in camps. Why did they stay in camps? certainly with all the OPEC dollars floating around – there could have been some money for the poor, abused refugees?? No, there was money only for the Marxist PLO to carry out murderous raids and introduce to the world the modern concept of terror. It is a fact that the refugees were kept refugees to make them pawns in a cruel bizarre game played by Arab dictators over the last 60 years. We all saw how nice King Hussein was to the refugees in Black September of 1970. I believe the Jordanian army killed 10,000 Palestinians. Where’s all the outrage? Let us not forget the Israeli unilateral withdrawal from Gaza where mobs attacked businesses left intact for them – hundreds if not thousands of jobs were eliminated by an angry mob. Oh, and yes, the daily rocket attacks into civilian populations.

    The question is: do YOU know anything about the conflict? Or are YOU simply appealing to uninformed emotion?

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