Educating the Country

An issue that is prevalent in today’s society yet not sufficiently dealt with is education. Education in the United States is not in a good place, especially for public schools. There is too much standardization that many kids end up getting average scores when they have the potential to do so much better. Schooling is just not right! A lot of teachers just get by because they are forced to teach under certain curriculums, and no longer have that “spark” for teaching. That, in turn, leads to bored teachers which leads to bored students. So many students these days complain about school and feel hopeless and unmotivated by the time they reach even middle school!

John Taylor Gatto is a teacher who is famous for fighting against the curriculum-standardized school system. Schools should encourage creativity and make kids love learning, not “dumb them down” so that they won’t ever succeed. A documentary that also criticized schooling called “Waiting for Superman” focused on a few kids who wanted to get into a school by lottery. Imagine that, a good education is earned by luck! What happens to underprivileged kids who are unlucky? They have to go to poor schools and therefore don’t have a high chance of succeeding. Underprivileged kids have it the worst, their fate is already decided because of their environment, their neighborhood, their class. Not everyone gets to have a “Homeless to Harvard” story, and in reality, the majority don’t.

Many aspects of public schooling are in severe need of reform. I know that my own experience with education has been very “boring,” as Gatto puts it. I see in Hunter so many students, including me, who just had no clue what their major was when they came in here. I believe that comes from the 12 years of mundane schooling that we endured before getting to college. Their is no passion in education and no care. It needs a lot of help.

Here is a very interesting essay by John Taylor Gatto on education: Against School

And the trailer for Waiting For Superman, which I recommend highly: Waiting For Superman

-Nour Saudi

  1. nsaudi said:

    Thank you for those links. Misinformation seems to always follow close behind a “famous” campaign. Just more reason to bring up this issue, and focus on the major problems like impoverished communities and standardized testing.

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