Enjoy Your Lunch

Throughout my elementary, middle and high school years, I noticed that the school lunches were not very healthy. I remember eating pizza, french fries, and mozarella sticks often—high in salt, fat, and calories. Of course, children can bring their own healthy lunch from home but not all parents have time to prepare lunch for their children, enrolling them in the lunch program offered. Not only does the food need to be healthy, it needs to be fresh. Children attend school to be educated but schools are enforcing the idea that eating unhealthy food at school and outside of school is okay. Serving students with fruits and vegetables may be costly but it’s something that must be done; schools are the place where money needs to be invested. While some schools are responding to this issue and improving their food, many schools continue to serve their students with unhealthy food. While schools have been removing vending machines with soda and chips, attention must be focused on the actual meal being served. Futhermore,  “a study from 2009 that looked at children who participated in the National School Lunch Program found they were more likely to gain weight than other children” (Christensen 2010).

Schools struggle to feed kids healthy food

Group members: Tina, Abe, Alverneq

-Monika K.

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