Photoshop: The perfect lie


The issue about Photoshop in this film is one that has been bothering me for a while. Women and men of all ages are affected by the images they see in the media everyday sometimes with out even knowing it. People are tricked into buy products that truly will not work for them just because the model is completely flawless and people will do anything to look like them. The truth is no one in the world is flawless and no one looks like the models we see in advertisements and all over the media everyday not even the models themselves. Many people are aware of the issue and how it effects the views of people and still fall for it. Even the people who are well aware of the photoshop that has occurred in images still wish they can look that perfect. This is really causing emotional and physical harm to many people especially teenagers. They aspire to look like the perfect women they see in the media everyday and will do anything including starving themselves or getting surgery to try and achieve their impossible goal. My idea to help raise awareness about this issue and stop it from truly ruining men and women’s self-esteem is to create a campaign of real men and women with no photoshop or lies. A catalogue with real people of all shapes, sizes, color, and gender who are confident, happy, and beautiful in their own skin and who others should really aspire to be like.

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