Raising Awareness

Racial profiling is a well-known issue, especially because of the recent Trayvon Martin case, but I would like to raise more awareness about trying to fix this issue. Although it is doubtful that anytime soon this country will recognize all races and see people who are different from the majority as threat, it is worth a try to raise awareness. From African Americans to Muslims, social equality is necessary within our country. Being an African American teenage growing up in a predominantly white area I have witnessed many forms of racial profiling and feel as though I have a first hand perspective to it. Raising awareness within Hunter or anywhere would be suffient in just trying to open people’s eyes to what occurs on a daily basis to some people.

1 comment
  1. Great. This is a very current and pressing issue locally. I’m sure your first hand experience around the issue will give your campaign some weight of credibility.

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