The Body is a Temple.

As children reach adolescence they start to become aware of their own bodies and how others relate to them. The issue of obesity in America has been a growing one especially because unhealthy food is much more affordable.  Junior high school to high school should be a time where students are seasoned to succeed in the “real” world. Gym and health classes are not taken seriously and the health of today’s generation continues to decline rapidly. The standard of school food is at an all time low and while students are expected to perform as best they can their bodies are not being taken care of. Students can’t be forced to NOT buy junk from local stores, but by educating them on the importance of healthy foods students may be less inclined to purchase junk foods. Childhood obesity not only ruins the bodies of these children but most importantly their mind. Social skills and class performance can suffer due to a lack in confidence and can lead to depression. Both health classes and more aggressive exercise alternatives need to be established and being that bullying is an ongoing problem students struggling with their weight should be taken seriously. Though students may not find interest in rigorous workout sessions, dance classes, yoga, or sports can spark an interest; proving staying healthy can be fun.

Alverneq Lindsay

Group: Monika, Abe,Tina

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