Tobacco Free Future

Worldwide, tobacco is one of the most prominent causes of preventable death. If we continue on our current path this poison will contribute to deaths of all ages exponentially. Sadly this is the effect, whether a person is a smoker or not, due to the harmful effects of second hand smoke that we are all aware of.
I believe just as companies target the younger generation in ads for sales, targeting them in no- smoking ads can also be effective.
I also believe this method would work best because I know it is hard to quit something that you have already experienced.
For instance, I am and was a vegetarian all my life, so I do not have any urge to try meat nor do I miss it. When I see people around me ,even just trying to fast for a period of time, let alone become a vegetarian for personal reasons, it is a struggle. So if we can persuade children to not even try a cigarette we can make progress.
Recently there has been a ban on smoking in  NYC public outdoor spaces and I have seen notices up around Hunter saying that smoking on campus even if its outdoors is prohibited.
Watching that video brought me rage. Even in the year 2011 someone has the ignorance to say “smoking outside, your not hurting anyone”. Has this person ever heard of second hand smoke?
Just as a smoker has the right to smoke a person walking in a public area has the right to breath in clean air.
Even with all of the steps taken to prevent smoking, as I am walking to school, even in to the doors of Hunter  I always get a whiff of tobacco smoke. And I can’t get away from it, it is the city, congested and packed, we both have to get somewhere by the same path so there really is no escape.
This presents a greater problem for me in the Spring, allergy season. I am so sensitive to smell during this time that even  if a person who was smoking before they got a train entered my cart I would start tearing and my chest would tighten up. It is a horrible feeling and it even surprises me that it happens so easily.
Non-smokers are concerned for their own health and the health of others, including smokers. Campaigning to save ones health will never be a bad, selfish, or in-useful  thing.
Also, so many people die for reasons that we cannot prevent and by dieases we have no cure for, and we all morn them and support institutions to help situations like these such a breast cancer. But here we have a completely preventable issue and we can not even have the decency to obey the law for the sake of it, and other peoples health.
The only way I see to successfully change the way the world views tobacco is by is by bypassing the arrogant old folks who are set in their bad habits and influence children to take the high road.
NYC Outdoor smoking ban begins
NY Times: Smoking Ban
~G. Belpat


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