A Bit of Perspective

I like to bring light to the more subtle ways in which people discriminate each other by using a more personal-level approach instead of the more general ways that campaigns are usually carried out. What I mean is I want to give more exposure to personal stories and thoughts on issues from first-hand experiences from racial profiling to the more subtle ways like the language or the way peers treat those are the victims of it so everyone can bet a better sense of perspective on how and why issues like this affect them. My idea to carry this out would be to set up an  email account and/or anonymous mailbox place where people could drop in their written stories or thoughts on how these issues make them feel and then turn those writings into posters/flyers so other people could be more aware of how their friends and colleagues are being affected by these issues

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  1. This is great idea! I’ll be interested to see this unfold.

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