A Voice for the Voiceless

Since 1948, the Israeli occupation of Palestine, has led to the indigenous Palestinians being the most oppressed people on the whole globe. They’re constantly under attack by the Israel Defense Force, homes have been demolished by the bulldozers, their Olive trees (only marketable resource) have been up rooted, and they’re continually treated as inferiors for being Palestinian, just as the indigenous South Africans were from 1950-1990. Palestinians have been forced out their own homes, and forced into refugee camps. Israel has cut off all resources from entering Palestinian settlements like the Gaza Strip, Hebron, and the West Bank. The apartheid, systematic, and heinous crimes that Israel daily commits against the indigenous Palestinians has not only been ignored by the world, but are being supported with American tax dollars. Obama pledged 30 billion dollars to AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) when he ran for office in 2008. More recently in 2008, during Israel’s attempt to siege the Gaza strip from the Palestinians, white phosphorus cluster bombs were dropped from the sky by Israeli jets onto innocent Palestinian schools, and hospitals. During this siege, airstrikes killed “over 1,300 people and injuring over 5,300 more (with 70% estimated to be civilians), during the ensuing military phase of the 22-day siege through January 18th, 2009 — the highest death toll in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in decades.” 

These Palestinians have been given absolutely no support by any of the superpower countries. Instead, they are laughed at, made a mockery of, and then FOX news and other major media outlets portray these Palestinians as terrorists. The world has waited and watched much too long to not take action. We need to spread awareness, raise funds, and build up resources to help the Palestinians. The media has not shed any light on the oppression that these Palestinians go through. I believe that by supplying people with more information, and educating them about this critical issue, that we can unite, and put an end to Israel’s ever lasting reign of terror on the Palestinians.


-Ali Suliman 008


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