Jeans are a part of everyday life

Jeans are a part of my everyday life and they have been ever since I can remember. This does not mean I do not have to wear jeans everyday for them to be a part of my day. Living in New York City you pass hundreds of people on the street and in the subways everyday. As a girl who is pretty into fashion I tend to notice a lot of different styles and types of jeans daily.  Somedays I might notice a pair of jeans that I totally love and want to go buy. And other days I see a pair I might not like as much. But no matter what someone is always wearing jeans.

I own just about every color jeans and have been collecting them for years now. Some pairs have been past down to me from my cousin and others I have given to my sister. I love watching the type of jeans that are in style of the years change. In middle school I remember everyone wearing jeans with holes all over them but not just little holes that are in style now. The jeans would literally be missing a piece of fabric that would cover your knee or thigh. And now people think you are crazy for wearing pants that beat up. And just a few years ago no one wore skinny jeans and now that is just about the only type of jeans I feel comfortable wearing. People all over the world wear jeans. I do not think jeans will ever go out of style or not be a part of my everyday life.


Jeans can represent a person, where they are from, their social status, economic status, and the jobs they may have. Just a pair of jeans can tell a lot about a person. Are they stylish? Are they expensive? What color are they? Just something this simple can tell you so much about a person. A wealthy man who works on wall street may not wear jeans to work but they may wear expensive jeans of the weekends. Meanwhile a middle class man who wears jeans to work everyday may just wear the same type of jeans he wore to work when he is off of work on the weekends.


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