Jeans are a constantly changing part of society.  There have been various style changes, color skews, designs and even fitting.  The once famous bell bottoms all the way to the hot and now skinny and slim straights.  Jeans have given us so many different images throughout the years it brings about sex appeal, style, expression.  I from personal experience remember the days when baggy jeans were all the craze, and that was the only way guys would come to school, maybe with a little underwear showing from the back.  in Today’s world slim fights and skinny jeans are what all the girls wear of course but even the guys have caught on and as of right now, its working for them.  Then there are the infamous ripped jeans, the idea that people pay 60 plus dollars for jeans with wholes in them might seem preposterous to some but is completely logical to others.  Jeans have come a long way with time, and the styles in which they are worn and displayed are extremely provocative as well as diverse, and will probably continue to be so for many years to come.




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