Assignment # 3

1. Our group topic:

*Our topic is revealing the truth behind the images that the media paints of what a perfect woman should look like.  Those perfect images that the young women now a day’s look up too is not even real. The uses of air brush and photo shop have been making the perfect women that young women looks up too.

2. Group Members and responsibilities:

*Our group members are Rohene, Nicole, Gabrielle – We are all doing research together, finding videos, photographs and interviewing people asking their opinion on which female celebrity have the most perfect body image.

3. Organizations or groups you will contact for feedback:

* Dove organizations

* NEDAwearness Love Your Body organization

4. Our Goal:

*Our goal for the campaign is to make all female aware of the false images that the media is painting in their minds. Make everyone see that the icons that they are looking up too and trying to look like does not even look like that themselves. We will like to help females to love who they are and to be comfortable in their bodies.  

5. Our intended audience:

*Our intended audiences are young girl, teenagers and older women (Women of all ages).


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