Educational Reform: The Right Goal

1. Our group topic is Education. Specifically Public Education, school systems in the United States. Too many groups and organizations about schooling blame the education problem on teachers and teacher unions. Unfortunately, the main problem in public schools lies in funding, standardization, and strict curriculums. Many students are forced to just memorize in order to pass statewide tests, rather than actually learn and grow in knowledge. Other students who live in less well-off neighborhoods go to less well-off schools and unfortunately don’t get as good an education. The problem is everywhere, and needs the right solution.

2. Group Members: Nour Saudi, Vanessa Lopez, Geetanjali Devi, Jaida Samuels- we will each share responsibilities in researching the issue and finding potential collaborators, as well as interviewing parents, students, and teachers for their view on public schooling.

3. Potential Organizations:

-The Odysseus Group & John Taylor Gatto

-A Community Concern- a documentary and group working towards better schools

-Give Kids Good Schools- learning what makes a public school successful and how funding is important

-We also hope to reach the NY Board of Education members, as well as teachers in our own community’s public schools

4. Our goal is to spread knowledge about this campaign and hopefully get many people on board with school reform, the right way. The goal is a better education experience for students and teachers, so that they may learn creatively and successfully, instead of having a race to standardization.

5. Our intended audience:

Students (specifically grades 1-12)



Policy Makers



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