Assignment #3

Group Topic: Racial awareness from a more personal perspective.

Group Members: Both Hector and I will be collecting the stories plus designing flyers and posters that will be put up.

Organizations you will contact: Fellow students, family members and friends.

Goal: Raise awareness of the ways in which racial and gender based issues affects those around us. We think that by having an anonymous voice for those who are affected we can have people reflect on the ways they treat those around them.

Strategic Plan: An anonymous email account will be set up so stories/thoughts/issues that people have can be shared. These stories will then be turned into fliers that will be distributed around the school along with some posters that will also be put up around school.

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  1. khuynh9 said:

    Hey I want to join your group but i was not in class today. I do have some ideas that I would like to contribute. Is it possible if we could echange email and discuss the project there? Mine is

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