The Real News in Palestine

1. Our group topic revolves around the idea of what is really going on in the Palestine/Israel conflict. We want to show the public the truth and facts coming from the Palestine side.

2. Our group members are:  Ali Sumani, Polina Isakova, Ahmed Rezwan, Rishi Jumani, Faizan Mahmood

3. We will be talking to many Arab and Israeli people all over New York City to see if they even have any idea what the controversy is really about.

4. Our goal as a group is to make the Hunter College student body more aware of the Palestine/Israel conflict and what the Arab people have to say regarding this matter.

5. Using iMovie, we will create a news video interviewing many people (particualry Arabs/Israelis) in a Ny1 format with the anchor on scene. Our intended audience is all the people who are clueless about this ongoing struggle between Israelis and Palestinians that began in the early 20th century.

1 comment
  1. ALindsa said:

    I think your idea is very strong because it is something that is not often talked about. Majority of the student body would know little to nothing about the Palestine/Israel conflict. Consider asking a diverse group of young people about the conflict as opposed to just Israeli and Arab people. It’s important for everyone to know about this situation, not only people with ties to these countries. Sounds like the video is going to be really eye opening.

    Alverneq Lindsay

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