Blog Assignment #8 – Strategic Planning

Topic: Racial awareness

This project strives to complete the following goals:  

1. Educate different race about:   

         a. Self-confidence   

         b. How to prevent crime     

         c. Where to find support   

         d. Racial hate crimes history  

 2. Educate the community at large about:   

         a. Importance of respecting others   

         b. Why this is important/ Why they should care   

         c. How to prevent crime   

         d. How to help  

 3. Earn money to help the victims  

4. Get acknowledgement from community about this particular issue.

Since our project is going to be on Racial awareness. We would first create a website to make our name more readily available on the world wide net. Our domain will be called ( This website will give a brief history of what racial hate crimes have occured and why it is important to have people know about this type of problem. This website will also include the following:

a. Blog – We want to include all raise that feels as if they have been discriminated or have been involved in hate crime to share their stories as well as feel comfortable to seek help through us. We will include the blog to chronicle our activities in raising awareness for race-based crimes. The blog will include articles posted by members of our team or any guest writer who may be interested in contributing an article. This will provide a primary record and a chance to for those interested to follow our movements and find out more about what we do.

b. Social Networking – We will have an official Facebook and Twitter page so that people can follow our activities on a day-to-day basis. This will also earn us an internet-based network of people of all ages especially those who may be interested in reaching out for our help.

c. Tips and Suggestions – We will teach visitors of our website tips on how to avoid confrontations that may lead to a criminal act and how to prevent hate crimes from occurring. We will provide suggestions for those who may be or know someone who may be a victim of a crime what to do, what to expect, and how to act accordingly.

e. Contact information – We will include contact information for people who may be victims or know someone who may be a victim of a hate crime. We will also have a separate contact for those interested in joining us in our cause or want to help us in any way. We will have a donation option for those who wish to provide monetary donations to help us on our victim fund.

f. Forums for Discussion – We will create a forum for people to share their experiences with others and discuss their issues and problems. We will have moderators to provide advice and moderate the forums.

Most importantly, we will have educational seminars to teach the community about different race and the racial prejudice that may lead to hate-motivated crimes.

a. Staff – We will need more people to help us educate. We propose to recruit volunteers in colleges, targeting students studying for example, African Studies, Asian American studies, Jewish studies etc. An incentive for the students may be extra credit, or just a required field experience for higher-leveled students. We will have scholars of different racial community develop a curriculum.

c. Community at Large- We will begin by first targeting elementary or middle schools in poor neighborhoods or developing communities, where there is a significant presence of racial minorities. We will begin teaching in summer school programs and summer camps. We will teach these young students with learning games, skits, and interactive activities to teach the importance of respecting peers and looking beyond skin color. We will infiltrate the high schools

by advocating a few different ethnic history classes as an extra-curricular activity. We will convince history teachers to provide extra credit to students who attend these extra-curricular activities. It will also be a good incentive for students looking to attend college, as this would be a good opportunity for students to use their participation as means to building a good college resume. If the students are interested, they may reach out to us or find us through our website for more information. Finally, we will hold college seminars that are free for anyone attending the sponsoring college. In order to attract listeners, we will provide free pizza and refreshments.

3. In order to raise money to fund our program, we will hold festivals and fairs through the help of our partnering church groups and other ethnic communities around NYC.

a. Relief Fund – We will use the money earned to help out victims or family members of victims of hate crimes who may need the financial aid.

b. Sponsors – Through the fairs, we will gain many supporters who may want to sponsor our program. We will host an auction in order to auction donated items (with the help of our church connections) so that we may earn more funds from sponsors and other supporters.

c. Advertisement – By participating in the festivals and fairs, will be in a way advertising out cause while at the same time informing a large audience and earning supporters on the way.

[TIME LINE FOR EXECUTION] (hypothetically speaking)

June 1st-June 30th, 2012 –    

-Establish network (contact other organizations with similar causes)  

 -Contact victims and family of victims of Racially Motivated Crimes 

 -Meet with different ethnic Community (churches, religious leaders)  

 -Find volunteer staff from colleges  

-Create Website

July 1st-August 15th, 2012- 

-Begin education seminars in churches/community centers/after school programs  

-Begin educating elementary/junior high level students in summer schools 

August 15th-31th, 2012-  

-Begin fundraising activities  

-Participate in fairs where we can distribute flyers   

-Invite possible Sponsors  

-Host an Auction to raise money

September1-October 31st, 2012  

 -Infiltrate High schools, encourage students to participate in our extra-curricular program before they have to submit their college applications.

November 1st- December 10th, 2012  

-Infiltrate colleges, target different ethnic studies classes to participate for extra-credit in order to raise their GPA, to meet the community and their peers, and to make a difference from their campus.  

 -Invite Guest speakers from other organizations and possibly from victims who may be interested in spreading the word on a more personal level.

  1. jpimient said:

    I think the campaign is fantastic and everything is well thought out, I’m a bit worried however if maybe you guys might be overwhelmed a bit by all the things proposed. I think the website and blog would be a lot to maintain and be supervising and maybe the material that was going to be directed to them maybe could instead be used to direct people to similar sites. I think the facebook and twitter account by themselves could serve you guys well enough (although i’m certainly hoping i’m totally wrong and you guys get so much attention that the website and blog are necessary).

  2. mkum said:

    I feel that you have a great campaign which is taking place at a perfect time during the Trayvon Martin case but I also believe that it is extremely difficult to accomplish so many things in a short time frame. Additionally, you’ve mentioned that your audience is the community at large but you may want to target a smaller group. You can also talk to Hunter students and ask them their personal experience of being discriminated against and post their stories on the blog.

  3. Anonymous said:

    The campaign plan is quite thorough and seems like this will be a great way to spread the information to a variety of people. I agree with jpimient, though, about it being overwhelming and that the facebook and/or twitter account would be the best things to pay attention to.You should focus on getting the information you need about boosting self-confidence, hate crime history, and preventing and dealing with hate crimes. Also, what are you going to do to get people to check out your website or follow you on twitter and facebook?

    • Anonymous said:

      I just posted this but didn’t realize I was anonymous until after it was too late. – Vanessa Lopez

  4. nsaudi said:

    This campaign is very well thought out. It seems like a campaign that you see in the media. I think the tone of your campaign is very motivated and that’s a great thing, especially for this cause. Like mkum said, this issue is obviously still very heated and relevant from what’s going on in the news today. I think a good idea would be to start small, in Hunter, among Hunter students, and then move it into a community thing. As I’ve seen, you plan on carrying this out past semester, which is great! Maybe starting in Hunter, you will have more support and drive for your campaign.

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