Kids and Obesity

Group members: Tina, Alverneq, Monika, Haruyo, Abe

Objective: Our objective is to help children make better choices in their health life and prevent obesity. Our goal is to educate children about the relationship between calories and activity in order to promote a healthier lifestyle.

Strategy: We will be going to a classroom in an elementary school and teaching children the concept of calories and how to keep it under control. This will start off our campaign as our test group of children.

Our lesson will consist of the information from the video below:

Approach: Our form of media will be a video campaign. The video will consist of the following:

1. Record us going into a school classroom and teaching the children about calorie intake and how to stay active.

2. Interview children about the foods that they like and how the lesson has changed how they look at food.

3. Use this video as our media format to go viral and fight obesity.

We will use sites such as: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Foursquare, and Vimeo, and we will also be e-mailing family and friends, our own schools, and we will hand out links to the people who are on their laptops in the libraries at Hunter College.

The Video below is an example of how our campaign video will look:

  1. I think this is a great idea. But since it seems like your audience is mostly young kids, I’d focus on really simplifying the facts so that they’re easy to understand. Realistically, I feel like no little kids would want to sit around and listen to average caloric intake, BMI, and how strict a healthy diet is. But instead, I think you’d want to present your final video in a more “kid friendly”, fun way. To summarize, I believe that over simplification is key in the success of your campaign since you’re working with youth.

    • Hey! Thanks for the great advice. We are very aware of children’s attention span, because my attention span is pretty low at my age now, so imagine them. LOL. But we have created a lesson plan that will cater to that unfortunate reality and make sure that they understand each aspect in a very simple way.

  2. jaysams said:

    This campaign seems very effective and I take a great interest in it as well. The strategy your group presented seems as though it will attract the attention the the elementary students and engage them into the foods that are healthy for them. Although the students are your main audience, would it be effective to also target the parents of the students who feed them and the schools? Would there be any information provided to those subjects towards making a change? Other then potentially targetting another group as your audience, this campaign is wonderful.

  3. This is a good campaign plan since it’s pretty straightforward and doable. That being said, I worry about how effective it’ll be.The children I know mostly have a short attention span and stop paying attention when a word they can’t pronounce comes up. I suggest that during the lesson you ask questions to see if the children are absorbing the information you’re giving them. Also, you can physically teach them fun games and exercises they can do to stay active.

  4. linkez7 said:

    I think that your campaign is really important. By teaching children at a young age how to lead healthy lives we can change the shape our country is in. The goal of your campaign is to educate children which is apparent in the first half but I’m not sure where the video part comes in. Going into the classrooms and targeting your audience gets the information to them directly but posting videos on social networks targets a completely different audience I believe. Maybe you’re trying to raise awareness among parents as well as children? Overall I think your topic is great and one that is so important in this day and age.

  5. sariades said:

    I absolutely love this idea considering child obesity is such a big problem and it continues to grow. Going to younger kids and teaching them about obesity and calories is going to be very effective because they will be aware of it at a younger age. because children tend to spaz out it might be a little difficult to get their attention. You might want to grab their attention with fun games or give them fun size snacks to snow them that eatting less calories doesnt only mean to eat fruits and vegetables but that they could still have the chocolate and candy they clearly love.

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