Raising awareness for education reform

Research, hard evidence to support our case

Interviews – We will be interviewing students and parents about their views of the education system.
For instance, one question would be
To a student:  “What is the current goal of most of your classes”?
To a parent: “How inspirational do you feel your child’s courses are towards them efficiently learning?”
We are narrowing down interviews to family and friends in the NY public school system.

Surveys – We will survey all public school students and parents we know on aimed issues, topics and questions to gather information, opinions, and show how many people are really concerned with the education system.

Campaigning, raising awareness by presenting facts & opinions for change

Pamphlets –
We will be handing out pamphlets to parents select Middle Schools in Bronx (Jaida & Vanessa) Brooklyn (Nour) and Queens (Geetanjali) after school dismisses students around 2-4 pm.
We hope this will help to reach various areas and activate reform.
Our goal is to raise awareness to parents that they are not alone when it comes to critiquing the education system and that they should be the ones to get involved toward change.
We want to raise awareness in middle school mostly for various reasons.
1- Parents are students are usually proactive together at this stage. In other words both parents and students would have opinions that matter on the education system, rather than just involved parents in elementary school, or overbearing, highly bias, opinionated high school students.
2- This is a critical time for most teens where they need to be inspired, influenced in the right way and develop interests through education.
3- This is a specific and targeting audience to enhance chances of change.

We will be reaching out to NYBOE and DEP through e-mail or phone calls to state our concerns and rebuttals about the current education system.

                 – PTA – We will inform the PTA of select schools through online sources or phone calls of our campaign to see if they are interested in spreading awareness and rooting for reform.

Our campaign will be documented by a slideshow with captions.

~ Geetanjali, Vanessa Lopez, Jaida Samuels, Nour Saudi

  1. morikuniyh said:

    The interview, surveys, pamphlets and emails are very useful for your campaign, but I’m not sure what you want to persuade the audience. You said your goal is to raise awareness to parents that they are not alone when it comes to critiquing the education system and that they should be the ones to get involved toward change. What is your change of education system? How do you want to change the education system? If you think the specific target of change, I think your strategy is more valuable, and you can pursue your campaign, and persuade the audience.

  2. I strongly agree that the public education is in need of major reform. However, I think in order for your campaign to really work, you need a unified, clear, concise vision of what you’d like the education system to change into. I also feel like most parents just accept public education for what it is, and that most don’t see the big flaws within the system. You should probably make them aware of these issues before you actual interview them.

  3. mkum said:

    I’m also unsure what your campaign exactly is; you might want narrow down on specific things you believe should be reformed. Also, rather than creating a slideshow, you might to make a video when interviewing the parents if possible.

  4. Very interesting topic- I was always concerned about the flaws in school because I felt I was placed with children who were not on the same speed as me which I feel prevented the progression of my studies. I think you should inform parents and students of this flaw and encourage parents to fight for their children to be put into classes that suits them. Since your targeting middle school, I think you should try to encourage parents to speak to schools about creating SAT/ACT classes for the students since it is a very important exam- it is best if students start learning in advance and focus on what it is they need to improve on in order to reach their highest potential.

  5. ALindsa said:

    This is a very important topic but I would like to hear more about your suggestions to fix the problem you have found in the education system. What things do you feel could be improved specifically and how would you go about doing so? After the parents and children get this info what is there next move supposed to be?

    Alverneq Lindsay

  6. I also agree that this is a very important topic but that you could be a little more specific. I believe that during the interviews you could record both parents a children on video and put it together to make a great short film. By showing the film rather than showing a slide show it will become more personal and people watching it will be more interested know exactly who the information is coming from. You can also hand out pamphlets so that people do not just forget about the film they just watch and their is something to remind them of what they learned afterwards.

  7. I like the idea of handing out paper copies of your campaign’s goal. Parents are getting increasingly technologically savvy, so maybe more of a virtual campaign might be more ideal to reach the younger families. Also, something that automatically boosts a campaign is a perception of prestige- try to get your research and goals published (whether in paper or virtually) in a local magazine or newspaper- they’re always looking for hot topics- this can definitely be one- especially in areas like park slope, where there are young families and at least a dozen public schools.

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