Raising Awareness for the Palestinian Plight

Group: Ali Suliman, Polina Isakova, Faizan Mahmood, Ahmed Rezwan, Rishi Jumani

Raising Awareness for the Palestinian Plight

The main focus of our campaign is to increase awareness of the oppression that Palestinians have continually been put through. Our target audience is the Hunter College student body.

Palestinians are not only constantly neglected in all major media outlets, and news sources, but they’re always portrayed as villains and terrorists. They continue to face misrepresentation and scrutiny in the media daily. Major news sources like FOX, CNN, and the BBC consistently portray stories demonizing the Palestinians and in a way have monopolized the thoughts of the majority. Our goal is to expose the truth to at least Hunter College.

One idea was to create a video that’d showcase not just footage of the oppression Palestinians go through, but that’ll consist of facts and statistics, as well as interviews of students to show just how misinformed of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict Hunter College is.

Another idea is to jointly work with the SJP (Students for Justice in Palestine) of Hunter College to form an event that’d increase the awareness of students on the conflict. We haven’t fully thought what this idea out, but we are excited about it. We will film all our activities and interactions with people, and compose a final short documentary about our whole campaign.

  1. ameliorating the plight of suffering political refugees, wherever and whoever they are is a commendable task. No doubt an intellectual rather than emotional approach needs to be taken in order to expose the underlying causes of the situation. Any one sided discussion that avoids historical proof however, will lead to a never ending, unproductive circle of like minded talk. How many times does the public need to hear the same recycled hyperbole? To achieve peace in the region and end the suffering, the true liberation of the Palestinian people will come when the perpetrators of their plight are accurately identified. Can this group face that truth if the arrows point in an unexpected direction?

  2. No where in the above strategic planning post have any “arrows” been pointed towards any target, other than the media. Again, to work together in any civil way possible, across groups, would reap more convincing campaigns, in this professor’s eyes, and could provide an example model of the type of alliances that could be forged in this historic battle. Thoughts?

  3. Our campaign is not about pointing fingers, or putting the blame on any certain group. We’re simply out to draw some much needed attention to this on going conflict. We won’t be stating the same historic facts that have been repeated over and over since 1948. But instead, we will focus on the present oppression that Palestinians face, and how we can help combat that oppression. Ultimately, all we’re trying to do is draw awareness, and end this conflict. Not to point fingers.
    As to working together, Kelly, I’m not against working together with the other group, but I am against not publicly displaying facts and statistics of Israel’s heinous crimes. I feel like those numbers need to be shown, and these images need to be displayed to the majority so they have finally have a sense of what is actually going on.

  4. I condone your effort to raise awareness for aid. However, if you are truly not about pointing fingers, your campaign cannot display Israel’s “heinous crimes” without basic knowledge of the region’s history. If you do not look to history, you are effectively creating a false present. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has gone on for too long, and any effort to end the horrible warfare on both ends will be a welcome one. In that respect, we agree. It goes against reason, however, to try and fix the present without understanding how we’ve gotten here. Ignoring history is dangerous; you will not understand the majority of what you are parroting to the public.

    I’ve been researching the history of the region for several months now, and I cannot willingly perpetuate misinformed opinions about the conflict. Impoverished people around the globe need our help- publicizing to get them aid is commendable; demonizing Israel without knowledge is deplorable.

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