Stand up for Israel, Stand up for Truth

As informed university students, it is our job to make sure that we fully understand an opinion before calling it our own. The ever present grain of salt and crucial cynicism is what separates a blind follower from an enlightened, thinking individual. In today’s world, mass media has more than a few ways of capturing our attention, and our minds. The Middle Eastern conflict has had presses rolling, and students shouting; the average follower will not bother to investigate what their chosen media outlet is presenting as fact.

My aim in this pitch is to present the cold, factual events that have occurred from the onset of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, so that we may help those who are suffering. The pitiful state of the Palestinians must first be understood intellectually; only then can the right steps be taken towards peace. Upon intensive research and careful study, Israel has proven over time to be the progressive power of the region. Israel is certainly not the villain from which to demand answers.Three tentative ways of presenting the historically accurate side of this conflict are as follows:

1. The facts are the same in every history book, history is constant. I will blow up various blurbs and paragraphs from assigned textbooks, and plaster the halls with the facts written in YOUR course books. This is at its core an intellectual debate, a factual debate. It should be supported by facts. Other parts of this approach include plastering the hallways at Hunter College with other academic sources that will allow students to see the truth for themselves, rather than have an impassioned person tell them how they’re supposed to feel. These sources will explain the underlying causes of the Palestinian plight, taking the unwarranted heat away from the Israelis.

2. The Underdog: We have discussed in Media 180 that there is an official story and an unofficial story. The Palestinian situation has been given a one sided ear, ignorant to other versions of the same story. It is important that University Students, the professionals of our future, understand that there is no such thing as a clear cut, one sided issue. I intend to bring an underdog, the condemned Israeli soldier to life. He has a story to tell, and it deserves to be heard. Through a series of interviews and film documentation, Israeli soldiers that I am acquainted with can give personal accounts of their time spent in Gaza. Hunter College students will have the opportunity to hear about the conflict areas from someone who has actually been there, and actively participated. Additionally, I’d like to bring in an Israeli spokesperson to hold an assembly, for all curious students to ask questions of.

3. With the help of Hunter Hillel and fellow students from around campus, I would like to make the Israeli voice heard, just as much as the Palestinian voice permeates campus activity. Stands, posters, signs, active protest, and any other conventional form of mass communication must be utilized, as they have failed to be utilized in the past.

This is a cause for the intellectual, this is a cause for the forward thinker. For problems to be solved and for people to be helped, the proper villains must be identified. Israel is not responsible for the plight of the Palestinians. Know your history, look at the facts, and believe only what is relevant. Stand up for Israel; Stand up for what is true.     

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  1. jpimient said:

    As someone with no connection to either side of the conflict and without enough information to form an opinion or take a side, going by the tone of this post, I think that there should be some carefulness with the language being used in the campaign when it comes to who is being targeted as the audience for the campaign. Sentences like: “Israel has proven over time to be the progressive power of the region” and “The pitiful state of the Palestinians” to an outsider, could come across as a bit too condescending of other side in its tone and turn people like me away from the campaign. I think that because of this, the people that end up being attracted to the campaign could end up just being those who have already formed an opinion of it and sided with it instead of a more broad audience.

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