Strategic Planning

The goal for our campaign is not only to inform people about leading a healthy lifestyle, which they know they alread need to do. We want to provide people with quick, easy, achievable methods to attain these lifestyles. In our campaign we will set up a stand in the Hunter College lobby during peak hours (probably from 12 to 4 or something of the like). For the informative aspect of our project we will provide students with basic facts about weight, exercise and eating healthy. (BMI, Aerobic vs Anerobic exercise, Saturated Fat etc.) For the not-informative part we will be handing out freebies and giving people handy quick tips to lead healthier lives. We will provide healthy snack options such as cut up veggies, 100 calorie snacks, and fruit. As a method of outreach and distribution we would like to get a zumba class together to show people that exercising can be fun.

Sari Ades, Linda Khezrie, Della Mizrahi

  1. morikuniyh said:

    Your campaign is interesting, because you already know the people have some idea to need to do. That’s why you try to provide not only quick, easy, achievable methods to attain these lifestyles, but also the physical exercise which is fun. You will provide a lot to people, so the audience might be happy to be provided, but I think it’s better to get something like their present knowledge (or opinion) of the healthy from the audience with surveys. Your campaign must be nicer with those surveys.

  2. thkoo said:

    I like your strategy of providing healthy snacks for Hunter College Students. However, 100 calorie snacks may be low in calories, but they’re not exactly “healthy.” They’re just empty-calories that are low in nutritional value. In addition, the ingredient label lists “hydrogenated oil,” which isn’t good for you. Also, they’re pretty expensive considering how much edible content they contain and may cost a lot for your group. Another idea might be air-popped popcorn? If possible and allowed, maybe you can get a popcorn machine or something and pop them on the spot. Popcorn kernels aren’t that expensive, and are sure to be cheaper than 100 calorie packs. They’re also healthier.

    Also, since you’re promoting exercise, maybe you can inform Hunter College Students about the free aerobic/yoga/swimming/etc. classes offered at Hunter College as well as the free gym, which no longer requires a medical to obtain an entrance I.D.

  3. The idea of your campaign is so interesting and makes me want to be there. I have a strong subject in what you want to achieve and it is and probably will persuade many people in actually doing something good for their body. Also to include that I agree with thkoo that you should try to involve people to use the pool and the free gym at Hunter college which is great options because of the economy crisis we are having. But overall your topic is clearly stated and hope to see the result.

  4. gbelpat said:

    I think that handing out quick tips to lead healthier lives is a clever idea. It would be sending a straight forward message to a person passing by, but rushing to class. I would suggests that the tip should also be in depth. For instance, I know I should eat a balanced meal to stay healthy and exercise, but actually handing me a paper that perhaps gives me a sample meal and quick exercise tip may be more appealing and informative to a person who really does not look into these important details (sometimes I find specific tips similar to this in magazines). The Zumba class sounds exciting and fun and something I would want to do.Maybe some up beat music at your stand, if it is allowed, will attract more people to your great cause and information.

  5. jaysams said:

    This idea is very good, and very intuitive considering how eatin healthy and excercising is something all people take into great consideration these days. However I believe you should consider telling the audience specific reasons as to why they should and should not eat certain foods, minus just for the reasons people already know (i.e based off of you reasearch). Also as the comments before say, it would be awesome if you did enhance the knowledge of the free exercise facilities we have in school that may be of use to students. This campaign is great, and will surely catch the attention of many.

  6. I think you guys have a good starting but in order to get more people to believe your campaign maybe you can add more sources that support your ideas. This will make it more factual and believable to your audience. The more outside sources which are reliable the better.
    Also, I know plenty of parents who are trying to lead a healthier lifestyle so maybe you can look into the older age group as well.

  7. I think this an amazing idea. It can help many people not just those who are concerned about their weight. Healthy eating and exercise is good for everyone. A lot of people already know about the issue you are presenting to them but i believe you are doing it in a way that can make it easier for them to really start living a healthier life. I love the idea of handing out freebies like food healthy snack choices. I think another great idea is to maybe have like a flyer of easy and quick work out people can do on their own if they do not feel comfortable going to the gym or do not have time. You can add workouts such as jump roping, running, or even just walking their dog more often. There are so many things out their people can do for exercise without even realizing it.

    • Your campaign is the start to getting people to want to make better health choices. The idea of giving out free snacks will really draw people into the stand; everybody loves free stuff, especially food. Like someone stated previously, I also think it would be a good idea to make a small flyer with simple exercises that can be done at home. You can even make lists of good foods that should substitute for the unhealthy foods people eat. For example,instead of someone having a candy bar for a snack, suggest a fruit to replace that candy bar since it’s full of natural sugars. This campaign is great because it’s a little motivation for people to want to take steps towards healthier living.

  8. Angelina said:

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