General Strike

A general strike is a strike action by a critical mass of the labour force aimed at extracting concessions by paralyzing the economy of a city, region, or country.

The two major general strikes in American history are the Seattle General Strike of 1919 and the Oakland General Strike of 1946. In 1919, the workers of Seattle began the strike to gain higher wages and engaged in a three-day mass action calling all city workers onto the streets. This was the first citywide collective action in American history known as a general strike.

I think that people decide to go to strike because they want to have a choice for an alternative, which is better wage, better working condition etc.. The action like a general strike is an option for the labor to expect what they want, and give a chance to make it happen.

General strike is a group action, and more effective than actions by individuals, because group actions can give more influence to someone who those group actions are taken against. However, individual actions could give a similar influence if those actions are conducted under certain circumstances. An example is self-improvement of Benjamin Franklin which we studied at the class. His idea of self-improvement extended to America, and helped the people to think to live in the better life. The world he occupied was to guide the people improve the work and the life. The strike is one of the way to guide the people improve the work and the life like his self-improvement. From long time ago to now days, people have desire to live nicer, but they didn’t know what to do. If they have some guide to make them lead, they can have power to be. When I worked at the company 15 years ago, the Union led us to make better life. I was very young at that time, so I didn’t know why the Union exists in the bank? For what? However, now I know the reason why it exists and they gave us the chance to make movement for our better life.

 Only one person can’t make the General Strike, however, the specific guiding principle must lead something better by group.  Those three strike image are all different types such as illustration, photo, and words,  however, all three give us the emotion that we feel to need to do something. The way as strike, which is refusal of working, seems to do nothing, but it definitely the action to make the employer to do something. Sometimes, in the society, we don’t realize the truth, which are hard for workers, but I realize when the strike is held, and I face the inconvenient life. I’d like to participate in the strike, because I want to advocate what I want. The action I make would not buy nor use the things as one of consumers.


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