Israel: A history in brief

Hi all-

Just thought I’d share a few informative, easy to follow videos (similar to the one Professor Ewen showed us in class). Above all, and throughout my slogan has been: BE AWARE. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.

1. Here’s a video that traces the COMPLETE history of the region, and the formation of the state- BE INFORMED, KNOW YOUR HISTORY, MAKE INFORMED JUDGMENTS.

2. These three videos that directly address the Peace Conflict, Refugee Situation,  and history of the west bank (a contentious area in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that borders the Jordan river).



history of west bank:


peace process:


3. Understanding who is responsible for a situation can make them accountable for their actions, This blog post will help you to understand why neighboring Arab nations and their leaders are choosing to keep Palestinians in a state of poverty.

who is truly causing tensions/giving cause for occupation:



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