Beauty and the Media Survey

Hey guys. Please take a couple of minutes to answer these questions.  You can either reply to the blog post with your answers or feel free to email them to me at, no need to send the whole post with your answer, you can just have the answers with the corresponding numbers . You aren’t required to provide your name so if you would rather do it anonymously feel free to do so. Thanks again for helping us out with this.

1. What is your age?

2. What is your sex?

Please take a moment to look at he following pictures. Click on the thumbnails for bigger versions:


3. What are your initial thoughts when looking at these pictures?

4. If you were to ask someone close to you, such as a partner or family member, of the opposite sex, what do you think would be their initial thoughts on the pictures?

5. Is curvier better and healthier? Why do you think females are so obsessed in losing more weight?
6. Compared to when Marilyn Monroe was alive can you see why she was and probably still is considered the most beautiful woman in the world? Explain how you think people’s perception of her   looks might differ today.
7. Is it healthy looking the way some Victoria Secret Models look? Many females dont know this but they are photo shopped. Knowing that, does it make you change your mind about the ways people make their models look like? Would you and those around you still alter your life in some way to achieve this look? Explain how.
8. Kim Kardahsian has a curvy bottom and chest and many people want to look like that, but in the end, why do females lose more to look like her? Do you think it has something to do with how the way women’s body types are perceived? Explain how.
9. Please take a moment to look at the following Avengers poster. Click the thumbnail for a bigger version:
10. What are your initial thoughts when looking at the poster? What are your thoughts about the different characters appearances?
12. How would you describe Black Widow’s (top right) appearance in this poster? How does it compare/contrast to those of the others?
13. If you were to change the poster, how would you go about it? Think in terms of the characters positions, poses and general appearance.

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