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We will be conducting interviews with hunter students during the day in between classes. We will be showing hunter students both males and females the same images from magazines and short commercial clips and asking them questions about how they feel about the images. We will be video taping our interviews, handing out surveys, and calling companies like Dove and Calvin Klein to ask questions such as why they choose the images they do for you their campaigns. We will be using the information we receive to inform other students at Hunter College about how the media portrays both men and women and how their peers feel about it. We were thinking of presenting our campaign through a short video clip or news report. Our goal is to inform students about the dark side of the media and help them understand you do not need to look like the model you see in magazines or on television. There is no such thing as perfect, the models themselves do not even look like that.


Jeans are a part of my everyday life and they have been ever since I can remember. This does not mean I do not have to wear jeans everyday for them to be a part of my day. Living in New York City you pass hundreds of people on the street and in the subways everyday. As a girl who is pretty into fashion I tend to notice a lot of different styles and types of jeans daily.  Somedays I might notice a pair of jeans that I totally love and want to go buy. And other days I see a pair I might not like as much. But no matter what someone is always wearing jeans.

I own just about every color jeans and have been collecting them for years now. Some pairs have been past down to me from my cousin and others I have given to my sister. I love watching the type of jeans that are in style of the years change. In middle school I remember everyone wearing jeans with holes all over them but not just little holes that are in style now. The jeans would literally be missing a piece of fabric that would cover your knee or thigh. And now people think you are crazy for wearing pants that beat up. And just a few years ago no one wore skinny jeans and now that is just about the only type of jeans I feel comfortable wearing. People all over the world wear jeans. I do not think jeans will ever go out of style or not be a part of my everyday life.


Jeans can represent a person, where they are from, their social status, economic status, and the jobs they may have. Just a pair of jeans can tell a lot about a person. Are they stylish? Are they expensive? What color are they? Just something this simple can tell you so much about a person. A wealthy man who works on wall street may not wear jeans to work but they may wear expensive jeans of the weekends. Meanwhile a middle class man who wears jeans to work everyday may just wear the same type of jeans he wore to work when he is off of work on the weekends.


The issue about Photoshop in this film is one that has been bothering me for a while. Women and men of all ages are affected by the images they see in the media everyday sometimes with out even knowing it. People are tricked into buy products that truly will not work for them just because the model is completely flawless and people will do anything to look like them. The truth is no one in the world is flawless and no one looks like the models we see in advertisements and all over the media everyday not even the models themselves. Many people are aware of the issue and how it effects the views of people and still fall for it. Even the people who are well aware of the photoshop that has occurred in images still wish they can look that perfect. This is really causing emotional and physical harm to many people especially teenagers. They aspire to look like the perfect women they see in the media everyday and will do anything including starving themselves or getting surgery to try and achieve their impossible goal. My idea to help raise awareness about this issue and stop it from truly ruining men and women’s self-esteem is to create a campaign of real men and women with no photoshop or lies. A catalogue with real people of all shapes, sizes, color, and gender who are confident, happy, and beautiful in their own skin and who others should really aspire to be like.

I believe that this picture represents Mobile Wealth, Mobile Poverty. The young boy in this photo seems to be playing with a cellphone shaped rock. . Although this boy seems to know how a cellphone looks and works he is not on a real phone. That is why I believe The photo represents Mobile poverty. We take what we have for granted and act like we would not be able to survive without our cellphone or computers but many people around the world still have to deal with not having the privileges we have everyday.

Gabrielle Pineo section 008

Frederick Douglass, Jose Yglesius, and Frankie Mae were three completely different people. Frederick was an African American and former slave, Jose Yglesias was a poor cigar roller, and Frankie Mae was a young African American girl and the daughter of a slave. Although they were so different they did have something in common. They all wanted to become educated and make something better of themselves but because of oppression and society it was not easy. At some points they felt like it was going to be impossible, one of them even gave up on her dreams.

Frankie Mae was a young girl who’s father forced her to work on the plantation and discouraged all of her dreams. Frankie fought to get an education and worked hard to pursue her dreams. She became discouraged when she realized even with an education people would not give even African Americans with knowledge and education a chance and gave up. She lost hope and let  society and oppression get the best of her. She was no longer interested in school or learning. Unlike Mae, Frederick and Jose did not give up on their dreams.

Frederick and Jose both seemed to be well aware of oppression. Frederick first started to learn to read from his mistress. Once his master found out it was stopped immediately but Frederick did not give up. Instead of letting his oppressor win he fought to learn to read on his own and eventually even learned to write. Jose was determined to learn and he went on strike with many other cigar makers in the factory until they were given the right to listen to lectures again. It was difficult giving up pay during their strike but they did not give in to their oppressor and society they fought with everything they had and won.

These issues can still seen all over the world today. Many people are not able to access the tools and information to help them learn due to where they live of their financial status. Their are ways to try an overcome it. Public schools are free for children and are a place for them to grow and learn. Financial aid can be given to families who have children who want to learn and go to college but can not afford it on their own. The internet is a source of education in many different ways can be accessed in a public library if people can not afford one. But there are still so many people in the world who do not have any of these resources or tools available to them and are unable to be educated because of where they live in the world. As a society we are trying to over come this and help those who do not have the resource to learn by giving them what we can to help. 

Don’t accept everything in the media to be true 

With everyone just trying to be seen in a perfect view

From their boobs to their hips

Models can even enhance their lips

Little girls spend their whole lives working towards perfection

Just because the media makes everyone have a flawless complexion

 The media is going to an extreme

To make their world seem just like a dream

No one is truly who they seem to be

Yes, that even includes me

Imperfections, I have them all

But I don’t let them show on my Facebook wall

We all beat ourselves up

If we don’t look amazing in a closeup

– Gabrielle PIneo  Section 008