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At first I didn’t know what to think about jeans. I had no clue they symbolized such things like social equality or the rejection of postwar suburban society. To me they are simple casual items of clothing. Casual and versatile, think about it what don’t you do in jeans? but thats why we all own so many different pairs. This got me thinking, can jeans be seen as some sort of capitalist conquest for brand name companies to get their names in each and every house hold in the US and get their hands into each one of our wallets? We buy so many pairs and most times, especially with us teens and the younger community, it’s not because its cheap or anything, it seems that these companies are succeeding in getting their names everywhere and are getting more power from not only the free advertisements we as consumers offer but also how popular culture, through different forms of media, reach out to us.. What I don’t understand is why. Is it because we see these sexy and beautiful people in the ads having fun at the beach or the park and our lives will get better when we wear these clothes? Brand name companies feed off of the free advertisement from their consumers and popular culture to become more powerful because one pair of jeans should not cost this (<– link) much money, or this (<– link) much unless they knew people would buy it.

You haven't lived until you wear these jeans?

Jeans however have evolved a bit and now become a statement of a person’s style. Similar to how they were in the 70s jeans have come back in so many different colors and fits. Blue, green, white, red, purple, skinny, slim, straight, boot cut, relaxed take your picks! Anything you pick or choose is a reflection of your individuality and style. With the variety that jeans have these days what fits and colors and also how you wear them can be really unique and anyone can create their own style. A person can express their individuality a lot better now a days and its a collection of the small things, like jeans, put together that creates that individual.


This image is of Technological Determinism. This theory states, in a nutshell, that a society’s cultural values and social structure depends on the advancement of that society’s technology. Personally I don’t believe this to be completely true, while technology has a huge impact on society and helps society advance it does not mean technology controls all of our cultural values as this theory seems to suggest. I think cultural values come from many other sources such as religion, music, art, etc. but technology simply makes these things easier to access.

Hector (008)

Food, clothes, books, magazine, music, movies, internet, news, facebook….
It can all be used as media,
but what in today’s world can’t?
Whether you like it or not Media shapes and conforms us in some way.
Media is mostly used by Corporations and companies to manipulate us for their gain.

But I would disagree if someone tells me Media is a completely corrupt concept.
It can be used by everyone to convey messages and ideas in their own way,
Lupe Fiasco and Paper Tiger are two examples.
If you ask me the idea is not a bad thing at all, just seriously misused.
The media simply sells you stories, it’s up to you if you want to buy them.

Hector Rodriguez 008