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This group is about fighting the perceptions that women have to look a certain way. The way women are being portrayed in the media is causing harm to their self-esteem and the way they look at themselves and others. By trying to manipulate them to change themselves into the ways the media makes women seem like they have to look in order to be “Beautiful”.

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Hey guys. Please take a couple of minutes to answer these questions.  You can either reply to the blog post with your answers or feel free to email them to me at, no need to send the whole post with your answer, you can just have the answers with the corresponding numbers . You aren’t required to provide your name so if you would rather do it anonymously feel free to do so. Thanks again for helping us out with this.

1. What is your age?

2. What is your sex?

Please take a moment to look at he following pictures. Click on the thumbnails for bigger versions:


3. What are your initial thoughts when looking at these pictures?

4. If you were to ask someone close to you, such as a partner or family member, of the opposite sex, what do you think would be their initial thoughts on the pictures?

5. Is curvier better and healthier? Why do you think females are so obsessed in losing more weight?
6. Compared to when Marilyn Monroe was alive can you see why she was and probably still is considered the most beautiful woman in the world? Explain how you think people’s perception of her   looks might differ today.
7. Is it healthy looking the way some Victoria Secret Models look? Many females dont know this but they are photo shopped. Knowing that, does it make you change your mind about the ways people make their models look like? Would you and those around you still alter your life in some way to achieve this look? Explain how.
8. Kim Kardahsian has a curvy bottom and chest and many people want to look like that, but in the end, why do females lose more to look like her? Do you think it has something to do with how the way women’s body types are perceived? Explain how.
9. Please take a moment to look at the following Avengers poster. Click the thumbnail for a bigger version:
10. What are your initial thoughts when looking at the poster? What are your thoughts about the different characters appearances?
12. How would you describe Black Widow’s (top right) appearance in this poster? How does it compare/contrast to those of the others?
13. If you were to change the poster, how would you go about it? Think in terms of the characters positions, poses and general appearance.

Group Topic: Racial awareness from a more personal perspective.

Group Members: Both Hector and I will be collecting the stories plus designing flyers and posters that will be put up.

Organizations you will contact: Fellow students, family members and friends.

Goal: Raise awareness of the ways in which racial and gender based issues affects those around us. We think that by having an anonymous voice for those who are affected we can have people reflect on the ways they treat those around them.

Strategic Plan: An anonymous email account will be set up so stories/thoughts/issues that people have can be shared. These stories will then be turned into fliers that will be distributed around the school along with some posters that will also be put up around school.

I like to bring light to the more subtle ways in which people discriminate each other by using a more personal-level approach instead of the more general ways that campaigns are usually carried out. What I mean is I want to give more exposure to personal stories and thoughts on issues from first-hand experiences from racial profiling to the more subtle ways like the language or the way peers treat those are the victims of it so everyone can bet a better sense of perspective on how and why issues like this affect them. My idea to carry this out would be to set up an  email account and/or anonymous mailbox place where people could drop in their written stories or thoughts on how these issues make them feel and then turn those writings into posters/flyers so other people could be more aware of how their friends and colleagues are being affected by these issues

I had not been very aware of what the situation was with the KONY 2012 campaign and now that it was brought up in class and since its something that I’m familiar with because of where I come from I’ve decided to post some thoughts on the subject.

There’s been some criticism on the movement ever since last year including an article from November on Foreign Affairs which you can read by clicking here. Resolve, one of the partner companies of Invisible Children, posted some rebuttals to these claims which are available here.

However, main reason that I came here was this post (might need a Facebook account to view) by one of the people behind Invisible Children. A couple of things that stood out to me:

-In regards to the article claiming that the charity spent over 32% of their financials on administration costs, something that wold be incredibly suspicious for a charity to do:

“This is a gross misrepresentation of how Invisible Chilren uses their financials.  Invisible Children’s financial statements are online for everyone to see.  Financial statements from the last 5 years, including our 990, are available at The organization only spent 16.24% on administration and management costs in FY2011.”

Someone is pointing out in the comments that while the 16% figure is correct, they still have a HUGE amount of unspent revenue (financial statement available here) . If the money isn’t going to either Uganda or their administrative expenses then that should be an immediate red flag. Are they pocketing the money then? Why else would they they have so much excess revenue floating around? I think his rebuttal also kind of misses the point of the criticism by Foreign Affairs which is saying that the money should be spent more on actually helping people instead of raising more awareness.

– In regards to accusations of supporting African militia groups like the Ugandan army and Sudan People’s Liberation Army which have drawn heavy criticism for crimes against the people of their nation and even have the following picture posing with the latter:

“Not to put to a fine a point on this, but… BS. At least for the part where they claim Invisible Children supports the UPDF and SPLA. IC never have supported the UPDF or SPLA with money and they do not hide their obvious human rights abuses. The UPDF IS the best equipped group even though they do not operate in Uganda anymore. Anyone who argues otherwise does not understand how ineffective the SPLA (S. Sudan military), FACA (Central African Republic Military), and FARDC (Congolese military) are. 

IC does not defend any of the human rights abuses perpetrated by the Ugandan government or the Ugandan army. None of the money donated through Invisible Children ever goes to the government of Uganda.  Yet the only feasible and proper way to stop Kony and protect the civilians he targets is to coordinate efforts with regional governments.”

Even putting the picture of them aside, the “we don’t support them with money”  is pretty damning since their video heavily supports the notion that they are trying to to support them through their bills and troops they’ve been lobbying to send. To me, that sentence plus the very final one reek of  “We don’t like what they do but yes we support them through other means other than money”. How could anyone watch the video and not get the idea that the way to stop Kony was through helping armed forces (like the U.S army and the ones in the area) take him down?

And lastly, this was infuriating to me:  In response to the accusation that using military force to bring down Kony would involve shooting the very same people they are aiming to protect, children:

A very valid point. I would love to hear suggestions from the author on how they would stop Kony. The fact of the matter is that peace talks have failed six times and every time Kony uses the lull in fighting as a chance to rebuilding his forces and abduct and kill more people. So what is better? Another peace talk so this fight can drag on, or militarily ending this thing once and for all? Nobody wants  violent solution. We all prefer peace. But what happens when peace talks fail repeatedly? What happens whenpeace talks actually exacerbate  the problem?

Seriously? Just to make it clear, he is actually saying that even if it means shooting at children, the use of force is justified in order to bring down Kony. The whole “ends justifies the means” mentality is absolutely reprehensible and I cannot believe they would be willing to contradict like that what the message of their campaign is supposed to be about.

– J.P

These images represent hierarchical—>egalitarian to me. The left image speaks to the division that occurs under a hierarchical system where there is the division among the population by using the way the gravestones are divided in a similar way to that of a stadium or theater where the closer they are the more expensive or indicative of money and power of the person that was buried.

The right image represents egalitarian by using the two people of vastly different size/age eating the exact same amount of fish which is indicative of the more equal level ground that people would find the selves in under that system. The adult’s expression speaks to the feeling that people may have under egalitarian rule where they might not agree with the way goods are divided among them.